Team KHD Riders

We are proud of all of the KHD horse and rider teams! Their commitment, dedication and hard work is rewarded by some of the achievements listed below.  

Susan Bauer & Bina

Susan has been riding with Kristina on leased horses and rehabbed horses since 2009. She started leasing Bina after the owner became overwhelmed with a new baby and new horse. Bina had been off almost a year with an injury. When the owner had to change coasts she gave Bina to Susan and the pair have been unstoppable ever since! Bina is a 17 year old Danish Warmblood. In 2014, the pair hope to master flying changes and advance to third level.

  • 2012 Markel/Cornerstone Championships First Level Champion
  • 2012 RAAC South First and Second Level Novice Champion
  • 2012 USDF Region 7 Championships - Adult Amateur First Level Champion, Second Level 5th Place
  • 2012 CDS Region 7 Championships - First Level Horse of the Year Reserve Champion, Second Level Horse of the Year Ninth

Rison Naness & Venezia (Etsie)

Together, Etsie and Rison have accomplished many achievements but most notably, the pair traveled to Kentucky in the Summer of 2013 to compete at the Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. There they helped Region 7 team win the Silver Medal and brought home an individual Bronze Medal for their efforts.

Look out for Rison and Etsie in the North American Junior Young Rider qualifying competitions this year!

  • 2011 USDF Bronze Medal
  • 2012 Dressage Seat Medal Finals 13 and under - Reserve Champion
  • 2012 CDS Southern JR/YR Championships - 4th Level Champion
  • 2012 USDF All Breeds Hanoverian Society - 4th Level Reserve Champion
  • 2013 Adaquan FEI North American JR/YR Championships - Region 7 Team Silver
  • 2013 Adaquan FEI North American JR/YR Championships - Individual Bronze Medalist
  • 2013 Adaquan FEI North American JR/YR Freestyle Championships - 4th Place
  • 2014 Dressage Holiday Special - Debut at Prix St. Georges - Scores of 65 and 68

Tracey Waterman & Gabriel

Tracey and Gabriel were the classic mistake at first, green rider buys young green horse. For Tracey though, it was love at first sight and has never faded. In their early years Tracey admits that the pair struggled as they had to learn everything together simultaneously. Like many riders, she says they got stuck at second level but with with Kristina's help, they finally conquered second level and beyond! Gabriel is a Lusitano/TB cross born in 1995.

  • USDF Rider Performance Award, Training Level
  • USDF Horse Performance Certificate, Training Level
  • USDF Rider Performance Award, First Level
  • 2013 CDS LA Chapter High Point Award, Second Level Amateur
  • Reserve High Percentage, Upper Level Adult Amateur, 2013 Dressage Holiday Special
  • USDF Bronze Medal (completed December 2013)

Stella Leitner & Espresso (Esso)

Stella started riding with Kristina during the summer of 2012. That November, they flew to the Netherlands in hopes of finding a horse. What they found wasn't exactly what they originally had in mind. Espresso (Esso) was purchased by Stella as a three year old that had only been under saddle for sixty days. He was already extremely talented for his age and Kristina thought it would be good experience for Stella to learn how to train her own baby. So that's what they've been doing ever since. Last year, the pair went to several shows and ended the season at the 2013 JR/YR Championships for California South where they became the champions at Training Level. In addition, they received Junior High Point at Training Level and overall Junior Highpoint, at the 2013 Annual CDS LA chapter awards. Espresso and Stella have now graduated from training level, and just rode in their first show at First Level.

To follow along in Stella and Esso's adventures together, check out Stella's blog, "Eat. Sleep. Do Dressage."

  • 2013 JR/YR Championships - Training Level Champion
  • 2013 LA Chapter CDS Junior High Point - Training Level
  • 2013 LA Chapter CDS - Overall Junior High Point

Taite Hylton & Pink

Taite and Pink have been a team since July of 2012. Pink is an American Warmblood mare born in 2003. She is definitely the barn diva, yet puts in 110% with every ride. Together Taite and Pink have been a power house team and Taite is thankful every day for the lessons Pink teaches her as they learn together. The pair have big plans to progress through the levels together and have just started their first season showing at Second Level.

  • 2012 CDS JR/YR Championships South - Reserve Champion Training Level
  • 2013 CDS JR/YR Championships South - Champion First Level
  • 2013 LA Chapter CDS Junior High Point - First Level

Tanya Hill & Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown GCF is a 4 year old Connemara/Hanoverian cross mare. Kristina found her and Tanya purchased her from the breeder as a 2 year old.  She was started in training with Kristina after only 60 days under saddle.  Foxy is a very confident girl who loves to work, LOVES to show and totally loves to nap.  We call her little but mighty, she is 15.2 but she works it like a big girl.  She is the coolest combination of attitude, work ethic, kindness and humor that Tanya appreciates every day.

To follow along in the adventures of Tanya and Miss Foxy Brown, check out her blog:

  • 2013 Champion Training Level All Breeds Award American Connemara Pony Society - Open (National)
  • 2013 LA Chapter CDS Individual Level High Percentage Champion Training Level - Open
  • 2013 Horse of the Year standing 23rd out of 564 - Training Level (National)
  • 2013 Finalist in the Markel Young Horse Talent Search - 4 year old division
  • 2013 Horse Performance Certificate - Training Level
Kristina showing Foxy Brown in 2013

Kristina showing Foxy Brown in 2013

Zihla Salinas & Royal Luck (Lucky)

After a 15 year hiatus from riding and showing, Zihla bought Lucky in January 2013. Lucky, a former I1 horse, is a Dutch Warmblood born in 1998 who is as sweet as he is impressive. At 17.2 hands, Lucky is one of the largest horses in the barn but he certainly is a gentle giant who loves his job. Zihla says that she is the "lucky" one to have found this amazing partner who teaches her new lessons on a daily basis. Zihla and Lucky have shown through Second Level and are looking forward to progressing up the levels together in 2014 and beyond.

  • 2013 RAAC South First Level Novice - 4th Place
  • 2013 CDS SD Chapter Circuit Award - First Level Adult Amateur - Reserve Champion

Margo Wayne Lee & James PM

Margo has shared her life with James PM for three years. She started riding when she was 37 years old, and it is a joy in her life to ride James and to take lessons from Kristina. She enjoys every part of the experience; the grooming, caring for her beautiful horse in every possible way, keeping him warm, comfortable and well fed. James PM and Margo are friends and partners.

To learn more about James PM, check out his website at

  • 2013 CDS LA Chapter Spring and Summer Shows - Scores of 70 through 73.9 at First Level
  • 2013 CDS LA Chapter Spring and Summer Shows -  Lower Level Open High Point