Charlotte Dujardin's First U.S. Symposium

What an amazing weekend at the Charlotte Dujardin Symposium in Burbank, CA! Kristina rode Finley, Arlo and Barnaby Wilde GCF in Charlotte's first U.S. Symposium. Charlotte Dujardin, double Olympic and European Championships gold medal winner and world No. 1 with Valegro, and her former trainer, Judy Harvey, International Grand Prix rider, trainer and FEI Judge presented Dressage education aimed at amateurs and professionals alike. Kristina had a fabulous time riding with Judy and Charlotte as well as watching them work with riders such as Hilda Gurney, Leslie Reid, Mette Rosencrantz and many others over the course of the weekend. 

Charlotte was impressed by all three of Kristina's mounts and specifically complemented Barnaby Wilde on his trot and rhythm. Dujardin called him “a great horse for the future.”

Here is some more coverage of the weekend:

Special thanks to Glenda McElroy and Pam Lane for putting on such a great event!